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Site Safety Officer

The Site Safety Officer will be the eyes and ears of the PSCS on site. It will be his/her role to implement all of the PSCS obligations on site. But our safety officers with their vast wealth of knowledge and experience on sites will have the role of ultimately ensuring regulations are implemented on site.

A list of their duties will be as follows


  • Ensure all contractors work safely in accordance with the site safety plan.
  • Provide initial safety induction training for contractors working on site as to the procedures concerning health and safety.
  • Advise contractors re observance of safety and health legislation.
  • To supervise the observance of legislation and the promotion of the safe conduct of work generally.
  • Ensure that contractors supply information on health and safety on the construction site and that such information is comprehensive to the employees concerned.
  • Coordinating the interaction of contractor crews.
  • Site point of contact for all H.S.A enquires and emergency services.
  • Ensuring all contractors implement a safe pass system. All equipment checked and passed as per the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations, 2007).
  • Investigating and recording accidents.
  • Controlling site access of vehicles in conjunction with site security.
  • Proof reading of all method statements to ensure compliance to Legislation
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